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Aadi Sales LLC - Introducing Dry Cell Based HHO Kit for Bike(s)

As of now, for two wheelers, we have witnessed wet cell kits available in the market. Drive lovers have long been waiting for dry cell kits and the wait is over now since for the first time ever in the history of HHO kit, AAdi Sales LLC introduces HHO dry cells for bike/scooters and other two wheel vehicles with engines upto 500cc. This is the customly programmed electronic cell that gets minimum possible power from the vehicle and produces high volume of hydrogen that is supplied directly to the engine. Each drop of water is able to produce many liter of gas. This is practically proved that one liter of water produces 1844 liters of brown HHO gas.

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Since the products produces hydrogen, it does not drain out. The kit increases the life of vehicle's engine and also make it running smoothly. It does not produce any kind of pollutant and hence it is 100 percent environment friendly. The kit can be used in any kind of two wheelers. The electrolysis tank and the electronic device is fitted in the vehicle and the power supply cable from the ignition switch makes it sure the device is ON only when the engine works.

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